Las-Kalisz sp. z o.o.

Las-Kalisz Sp. z o.o.

63-714 Kobierno, Tomnice, ul. Krotoszyńska 1
tel. +48 62/725 42 70, fax +48 62/721 24 38



The "Las-Kalisz" Ltd. in Tomnice was founded in 1990. In the recently modernized plant we have been continuing traditions of the Kalisz Forest Production Enterprise "Las", specializing in processing of rabbit and game meat.

We offer the following frozen and refrigerated products:
v- game meat parts
- rabbit meat in halced caracasses and parts as well as goulash from shoulders of game animals and rabbit livers.
Our products are highly valued by both domestic and foreign customers for their great taste and nnutritional safety.

We cooperate with proven breeders supplying rabbits fit for slaughter, fed exlusively with green fodder, whereas our game animals are acquired from ecoligically safe hunting grounds.
In order to meet expectations of our customers we have implemented the following procedures in our company:
- Good manufacturing Pracitce (GMP)
- Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP).

In addition, our products are systematically inspected by independent laboratories, which have for years confirmed their high quality and nutritional safety.

Tomnice ul. Krotoszyńska 1 63-714 Kobierno
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